City to City Conference

Tim Keller

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4 events. 1 week
March 2014
Pastor on iMac

Church Planters
and Pastors
2.5 day Conference
and Consultation
26-28 March 2014
Citizens Conference Tim Keller

Young Adults 1 Day
29 March 2014
Flourishing Faith in Dangerous Places

Flourishing Faith In
Dangerous Places
Women’s 1 Day
29 March 2014
The Reason For God Tim Keller

The Reason
for God
Public Night Event
29 March 2014
Are you looking for ways to turn deep doctrine into practical living?
We’re creating a long-term plan to help you with this, and believe that the first step is a 2014 event with Dr Timothy Keller in Sydney. Dr Keller is widely known for his deep gospel theology and thoughtful cultural engagement.

Each event has a distinct focus. But together, they will examine how to:

  • Express your faith Want to share Jesus with people you care about in a way that makes sense to them and encourages further conversation? Dr Keller will help us with this task.

  • Build deeper Christian communities that serve the city. God created cities – and we should be seeking the good of the whole city (especially the poor). Dr Keller will talk about small steps we can take to ultimately transform our culture.

  • Renew your church’s approach to worship. Does your service style help or hinder people who are unfamiliar with gospel from meeting Jesus? Dr Keller will discuss tactics for invigorating worship without making half the congregation leave.

  • Plant new churches. Sometimes a new church is the best possible way to reach out to a neighbourhood. One of Dr Keller’s major focuses is equipping people for this mission.

This isn’t just a one-time event, because transformation doesn’t happen in a day (or even a week). It starts with Dr Keller’s visit to Sydney, but will continue long after that. We’d love you to join us at the beginning in Sydney, at one of four key events.

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